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fuel distributor 5ks

Hello all,

    I have a 5ks with 118k mi and it is currently having major hiccup
problems. While driving the car will sputter and hiccup. Even when going
down the highway at 65 mph sometimes/often will hiccup and the engine
will cut off completely. The tach will go from reading 4000RPM to dead
in 1/4 of a sec. I brought the car into a local shop and the said the
problem was the fuel distributor and that it is getting clogged or
something. Anyway they want about $1600 for a new fuel distributor and
injectors. The injectors are marginal and he said that If I replace the
fuel distributor I should replace the injectors as well. My dilemma is I
don't know if a fuel distributor will cause these symptoms. I don't want
to spend money for a fuel distributor if that can't be the problem. The
car always starts but will stall at any given moment, though sometimes
it runs fine (now a rare occasion). I usually have to goose the gas
pedal at stop lights to help keep it from stalling though sometimes this
doesn't help. I replaced the fuel filter 2 years ago and put less than
20k on the car since.

Does anybody know where I can get a remanufactered fuel distributor for
a 87 5ks or know someone that rebuilds them or has one for sale???

Thanks in advance.

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