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RE: fuel distributor 5ks

I'd get a second opinion on that one ... someone saying you've got to spend
$1600 because it is "getting clogged or something" clearly isn't sure that
they've found the problem.  You are asking for a following ... "well that
didn't fix it, it must be that $$$$ over there" ... talk to Bob Myers about
that attitude with speedometers!

I don't claim to be a _real_ expert, but I do have a few hours working on
CIS-based fuel injection systems, and I can tell you that the only time I
ever needed to replace a fuel distributor is after I poured the wrong sort
of "fuel system treatment" into the tank and melted my fuel filter!  And
even that time I was _almost_ able to get the fuel distributor working

To be frank, the other thing that you need to consider is how much the car
is worth.  If you say that it is a 5ks that means that it is likely to be a
non-turbo FWD Audi that is at least 11 model years old.  I'd suspect that
some might say you'd have some difficulty getting someone to buy the whole
car for $1600.  Since I don't know your car I may be exaggerating on its
value, but you should have this in your mind.

All that said, it is my opinion that if you even consider it is worth enough
to you that you would consider spending $1600 to get it fixed that it is
worth taking the car to someone who knows what they're doing.  It is quite
likely that the car really has a much less serious problem that can be
rectified for much less than $1600 (IMO).

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

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> Subject: 	fuel distributor 5ks
> Hello all,
>     I have a 5ks with 118k mi and it is currently having major hiccup
> problems. While driving the car will sputter and hiccup. Even when going
> down the highway at 65 mph sometimes/often will hiccup and the engine
> will cut off completely. The tach will go from reading 4000RPM to dead
> in 1/4 of a sec. I brought the car into a local shop and the said the
> problem was the fuel distributor and that it is getting clogged or
> something. Anyway they want about $1600 for a new fuel distributor and
> injectors. The injectors are marginal and he said that If I replace the
> fuel distributor I should replace the injectors as well. My dilemma is I
> don't know if a fuel distributor will cause these symptoms. I don't want
> to spend money for a fuel distributor if that can't be the problem. The
> car always starts but will stall at any given moment, though sometimes
> it runs fine (now a rare occasion). I usually have to goose the gas
> pedal at stop lights to help keep it from stalling though sometimes this
> doesn't help. I replaced the fuel filter 2 years ago and put less than
> 20k on the car since.
> Does anybody know where I can get a remanufactered fuel distributor for
> a 87 5ks or know someone that rebuilds them or has one for sale???
> Thanks in advance.
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