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Re: Locally fabricated power steering hose

Mike Arman wrote:

> Now here's the tough part: Removing the banjo fitting on the rack isn't too
> hard once everything is out of the way: Loosen with 19mm wrench, back it
> out with your fingers. The toughpart (tm) is getting the banjo fitting
> started correctly with the new seal rings on it - you stand beside the left
> fender, hold the banjo fitting and seal rings in place on the hose with
> your RIGHT hand, and strive mightily to keep the other end of the hose
> aligned correctly with your LEFT hand - awkward to say the least, and an
> assistant would have been MOST welcome. Took me almost an HOUR to find the
> correct contortion to get it started - and it has to be EXACTLY right, or
> it won't go. And yes, it is VERY easy to drop the seal ring, and then you
> have to extricate yourself, recover the seal ring, and start again.

Yes, I dropped the sealing washer many, many times in putting that hose
back on. I finally put a little tape, to hold the washer onto the banjo
fitting, until I got the bolt started into the rack, and then removed
the tape. This made it much easier. 

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 151k