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humming fuel pump

Two weeks ago the fuel pump in my '90 90q20v started humming like an
electric shaver so I had it replaced.  Then last week the humming returned
but only after driving distances in excess of ~50 miles.  Brought it back to
the mechanic and of course could not duplicate the sound without pinching
the hose that feeds the pump.  It was buzzing a little louder than I
remember it doing ever before which the mechanic insisted is normal.  I also
replaced the fuel filter to see if that would have an effect.  Any ideas?
Fortunately(?) the pump hasn't reached the sound level of the original pump.
I was at a stop light and everyone was looking around to see what all the
buzzing was about.  Maybe I'll just tell everyone that I have the latest
electric powered Audi.  Anyone BTDT?


Jess C. Almero, Jr.
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'90 90q20v
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