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Re: humming fuel pump

I just hadmy filter, pump and accumulator replaced for the same reason.
What did the accumulator look like? mine after 12 years of corrosion was
so bad that the nuts attached to it crumbled. As the mach, since he should
have checked it out when the three piece assembly was down, what the acc.
looked like. Just my $.02

On Mon, 11 Jan 1999, Jess C. Almero, Jr. wrote:

> Two weeks ago the fuel pump in my '90 90q20v started humming like an
> electric shaver so I had it replaced.  Then last week the humming returned
> but only after driving distances in excess of ~50 miles.  Brought it back to
> the mechanic and of course could not duplicate the sound without pinching
> the hose that feeds the pump.  It was buzzing a little louder than I
> remember it doing ever before which the mechanic insisted is normal.  I also
> replaced the fuel filter to see if that would have an effect.  Any ideas?
> Fortunately(?) the pump hasn't reached the sound level of the original pump.
> I was at a stop light and everyone was looking around to see what all the
> buzzing was about.  Maybe I'll just tell everyone that I have the latest
> electric powered Audi.  Anyone BTDT?
> Thanks!
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