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Euro lights question

I finally got my lights from Denon. Now if I had got them within say a
month or two of my money being transferred into their account, I would
have had balmy sunny weekends to potter around installing them, and if I
hadn't had to sell my second vehicle to pay for them I would not be
worrying about ensuring the car is drivable at the end of each working
session. However, that was not to be. Consequently I spent several hours
freezing my butt off to get 80% done. I now have one old , one new and
no grille: very distinctive looking. It's interesting to note how
brittle 12 year old plastic gets at 8 degrees F. Anyway, enough ranting,
I had a question (or two).
When I took the old units out, there was a nylon washer placed like a
spacer between the headlight units lower securing tabs and the car body.
Did anyone else find these? did you reinstall them with the new units? I
can't think why they are there.
As mentioned by another lister, there is no hole in the new units for
the screw that holds the front trim piece on, but there is plastic
there. I assume I need to drill a pilot hole into this. Did people do
this before installing, or when the trim is in place (not sure I could
get the drill in then).
Due to the circumstances, I wired the new lights up using individual
faston connectors (I used the standard .25 size, what was the note I saw
recently about a .3xx size for?), but it is a sucky job that I want to
redo (preferably when it's warmer) with the proper connector and rubber
boot. I found two references to the part numbers for these parts on the
web pages, but they didn't match. The number for the rubber boots were
the same, but the spade connector and holder numbers were different.
Anybody actually ordered these parts and have the definitive answer?
I have to say these are very nicely made units, can't wait to actually
try them for real.