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Re: A Bermuda triangle in the gas tank?

Once had similar prob with a MBZ after some serious body work. Body shop
neglected to connect vent line in gas tank and the vacuum of the depleting gas
sucked in the sides of the tank significantly altering the tank's capacity.
Not sure if this is your problem, but thought I would convey my experience.


In a message dated 1/11/99 5:51:58 PM Eastern Standard Time,
salah.khan@gte.net writes:

<< On my way to the airport last night, I ran out of gas. Had to walk three
 miles to the closest phone, etc, etc. Anyway, the V8 is supposed to hold 21+
 gallons of gas. But after 18.5 it ran dry. Yes, the computer warning sign
 had come on, but I was relying on the gas gauge which indicated I still had
 at least a couple of gallons left.  I have never been able to put more than
 18.5 gallons of gas in the car. So what happens to the last 2.5-3 gallons?
 Does it disappear into thin air (that is, is there an air pocket or
 something in the system/tank)? And what might be the fix?
 If anyone has experience with this, I'd appreciate hearing from you.