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Re: htr blower motor question

>Chris....You can pop the thin plastic cover off the bay behind the
firewall in the engine compartment, and gain access to the heater blower
assembly. Standing on the driver's side, you see a short right angle soft
black rubber hose with maybe 1.5 inch arms. It is a cooling duct to the
blower motor. It snaps out and you are looking straight down into the open
space above the motor armature. You can shine a flashlight in and see the
>Spray in some electrical contact cleaner, best done with blower motor
running.  If it won't run, turn it on anyhow and use a wooden popsicle
stick (or facsimile) to turn the rotor while you spray.  This got mine
moving, and the spray cleared off the gunk that was preventing contact.
Mine ran for months after that, giving me time to get a replacement.
>You might get away with doing this two or three times, until spring.
>Doyt Echelberger
>87 5kcstq
>At 03:56 AM 1/12/1999 EST, you wrote:
>>my '84 5000T  heater blower motor is on the fritz...when i push the
button in
>>the climate control cluster i can hear a clicking of a relay, but sometimes
>>the blower wont come on  till after a few seconds, or after i go over a
>>bump..sometimes it does come on, tho, right when i push the button...  it
>>seems like the blower motor is going, but it hasnt gone yet..is there a
way to
>>lubricate it? or otherwise try to save it before it craps out
alltogether?  i
>>have a spare blower motor/htr core assembly from a '87 5000 but i dont
have a
>>heated garage (its 15 degrees here in allentown pa) and as you know, that
is a
>>major swap...just trying to see if i can make it last at least till
>>pls respond directly, as im not on the Q list yet
>>allentown, pa
>>'86 5k TQ
>>'84 5k T
>>'84 VW Vanagon (wasserleaker)
>>'78 VW Westfalia