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Re: Is it too late to switch to synthetic?

In a message dated 1/12/99 12:37:02 PM Pacific Standard Time,
BustnJustn@aol.com writes:

<< Hi all,
 I own a 90 V8q with 117k.  The PO was very meticulous about the maintenance
 the car, however choose to use dino rather than synthetic oil.  I have used
 synthetic exclusively in every car I purchased new, and have never had a
 problem.  I have been informed that by switching to synthetic in a used car
 that it will create leaks as the synthetic is slipperier than dino and will
 seep through the seals.  I would like to switch to synthetic but not at the
 cost of leaks.  Can any of you dispute or verify the information that I
 received?  Any BTDT's?
 Any information would be appreciated.
 Thanks in advance,
 90 V8q

I have been there and done that with my Audi 200 and my parents Jag.  Seems
that when I started adding Synd oil in my car at about 88k miles the car
started burning oil badly(the Jag was worst) I had to buy another product to
cover up all the gaps that the synd oil opened up.  So with that kind of
mileage, I wouldn't do it.  Keep putting dino oil in the car (I suggest
Castrol GTX) and save yourself alot of future problems.

Audi 200t 10v
Seattle, WA