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Re: bought my first V8, now what do i do?

Hi Greg,

Welcome to V8 ownership!!

> just picked up a 1990 V8 with 105k on it.   
> I'm anal retentive, so have noticed some quirks that maybe y'all can help me 
> with.
> 1.  intermittent ticking from the fuse panel 

Turn off your seat heaters see if it goes away, if not try turn off the 
ventilation system.  The noise is probably relay's under the dash.  Don't
worry about it, unless it make's something stop working or as you say your 
anal retentive and want to it to be quiet, then replace :-)

Evrything works on my car so I just turn up the stereo :-)

> 2. when the engine pulls at a steady rate of acceleartion very small surges, 
> (used injector cleaners, didnt help) at idle, varies 300 rpm.

Clean out your Idle control valve, this should fix the idle variation, the 
surging could be many, many things..... I've been chasing this one for years
on my V8.  If the 02 sensor is original, replace it, this is the usual suspect
but not alway's...

> 3.  from coast to pull, (I live in the mountains in UTAH) feels like a bit of 
> differentail or universal klunking, (i'm not a wrench guys, sorry for the 
> clumsy descriptions)

Find yourself a good local wrench and have it looked at, probably a universal 
joint.  If you specifically ask nicely on the list for "Any good wrench in 
xxxxx" you'll probably get a few responses.

> 4.  timing replaced at 90k, brakes at 75k, what should i look out for next?

Timing belt needs to be replaced at every 60k!!!!  The previous owner got 
lucky.  If it breaks,  gonna cost 2-5k to fix...  Does it have an owners 
manual ? I'd start with that.

> 5.  love the ca.r a great commuter for 100mi round trip and quattro driving 
> PArk City.  Will drive until it or me drops.  Any other advice?

I also plan to drive mine till it drops :-) currently at 118k.

90 V8
89 100 Avant

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