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Re: Water pump wear mystery ... solved

In a message dated 1/14/99 4:45:02 AM US Mountain Standard Time, quk@isham-
research.demon.co.uk writes:

><< > Sorry, Phil, but you're wrong ... the original size and spacing of the
>> on the water pump sprocket can be seen by looking at the unworn edge of the
>> sprocket and it clearly matches the timing belt.
>Equally sorry, but the only person on this planet whom I would trust to
>tell the difference between a 113-tooth water pump and a 120-tooth water
>pump by visual inspection is Claire Marsden - Adam Marsden's wife at AM
>You're telling me you can spot a 6% difference in tooth size?

Yes, I can ... quite easily, in fact.  It's not just the width of the teeth
that differs but their shape and the amount of empty space between them.  I
will grant that it might not be immediately obvious to someone who doesn't
know that Audi used two different belts but that category doesn't include me.
Besides, the invoice confirms I was sold an early pump and I'm confident that
when I take it off the car this weekend, the part number on the pump itself
will confirm this.

Why are you having so much difficulty acknowledging that you're wrong here?
Or is this a personal thing that's lingering from the now-legendary Torsen