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Re: Water pump wear mystery ... solved

In message <e8885b41.369e0ffa@aol.com> JustaxPHX@aol.com writes:

> Yes, I can ... quite easily, in fact.  It's not just the width of the teeth
> that differs but their shape and the amount of empty space between them.  I
> will grant that it might not be immediately obvious to someone who doesn't
> know that Audi used two different belts but that category doesn't include me.

There are even those who know they used _three_ belts - 113, 120 and 142
teeth.  Telling the last from the first two is pretty easy - telling the
first two apart at a glance is beyond my abilities, and I congratulate

> Besides, the invoice confirms I was sold an early pump and I'm confident that
> when I take it off the car this weekend, the part number on the pump itself
> will confirm this.

What it says on the invoice and/or on the box is not conclusive.

> Why are you having so much difficulty acknowledging that you're wrong here?

Because I've seen it before - exactly the same symptoms on an ur-quattro.
It's a classic problem because the parts are pulled at chassis (VIN)
level but quite a few cars have the 'wrong' engine in them.  It's also
possible to swap from 120-tooth to 142-tooth if you change all the
accessories - one car at least that _I_ know of has had this done.

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