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More Audi Questions

Hey all,
I was the one who posted on the digest a few weeks ago about possibly
getting an A4.  I'm still in a quandry about it!  I'm not going to be
doing anything until May, due to the fact that dealers love to pull this
'seasonal car' crap on me, because I have a Miata (which would be my
trade in).  So I'll wait until it gets warmer when the car will
hopefully be more valuable (of course, then I probably won't want to
sell it!).  Anyway, a few more questions!  First of all, I'm a bit of an
audi newbie, so what is an 'Ur-Q' that everyone keeps talking about?  I
assume the Q is quattro, but what about the Ur?  Second, can someone
send me some info about the Audi GT coupes?  I understand they came in
AWD and with a turbo 5valve 4 cylinder, but I also here that they had a
lot of problems blowing the heads.  Is there a solution?  Can you mod
them to some decent horsepower levels (like 13-14 second quarter mile
traps?).  Anything would be appreciated!  Thanks in advance, and reply
to me personally if possible (and CC the digest, if you feel its