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Re: Custom EM for 10V turbo

Scott said,
>Owning a foundry I had planed to reproduce these units, pattern cost 
will be>around 3,000 dollars a finished product could be had for ~500.00 
cast from>just about any material out there, stainless steel, or hi temp 
Nickel Cast

Is this a gauntlet I see before me?  Sounds as much like a challenge as 
I ever heard.

>Iron, the probelm is I don't have 3,000 bucks lying 

Let's see, 10 very interested parties put up $200 deposit @ and you only 
need 1/2 as much good faith on your end. It sounds very doable 
especially with #'s over 10.  With some slightly more concrete 
expectations with regard to performance enhancements over stock, and a 
finished goods price qoute within, say, 10%, I may also find myself in 
the I want one camp.

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