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Re: Custom EM for 10V turbo

So, if 20 people kicked in $150, they would eventually have to put up $500 more,
$650 total for an improved EM.  Sounds worthwhile, but my first question would be

what do you expect the flow improvement to be?  Would you just match the $800
units or would you be trying to improve on them significantly?  Just wondering,
with a couple of Ur-q's....at least for now.


ScottyCBoy@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 1/14/99 7:34:59 PM Pacific Standard Time, scruggs@mbay.net
> writes:
> << Should anyone locate a fabricator for an improved EM for our dear 10V turbo
>  engines that would be willing to make a batch of them for a reasonable
>  price, I think there is enough interest out there to support the making of
>  around 20 of them.... IF... the price is close to the cast iron two-piece
>  and the performance is better.  I hereby raise my hand as one who is
>  interested.
>   >>
> Owning a foundry I had planed to reproduce these units, pattern cost will be
> around 3,000 dollars a finished product could be had for ~500.00 cast from
> just about any material out there, stainless steel, or hi temp Nickel Cast
> Iron, the probelm is I don't have 3,000 bucks lying around and no one else
> seemed to be interested in it when I posted the idea to the list eight months
> ago..
> Scott