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Re: Apologies, plans.

Hairy green toads from Mars made Autobahn01@aol.com say:

>     Greetings all, I'll start with an apology to those I owe email replys to.
> I was doing well and keeping ahead with all projects until several years of
> good luck caught up with me. I managed to smash my knee hard enough at work
> for the doc to declare a fractured kneecap. A following visit to the
> orthopedic spec. told me I'll be wearing a brace and moving quite slowly for 4
> weeks. At least I didn't break the leg or do any permanent damage. Anyhow,
> that's why I haven't been near my computer as of late. I'll be getting back to
> everybody ASAP, as I have lots of free time now! 
>     There's never a *good* time to break a knee, but the time frame of my
> recovery means I'm out of the NEQ school and Steamboat '99 also :(  This news
> comes as the Steamboat car sits in my shop with the motor out and 2.3 at the
> ready.
>     I'm due back for more xrays in three weeks which may determine if I can
> passenger to CO to see friends this year. I'll keep ya posted. 

My sincerest condolences, Chris.

Having spent several weeks in a sling after having my arm screwed
back together 18 months ago, and limping a little right now after
twisting me knee skiing, I can definitely empathize with your pain.

Are you at least getting good drugs from the doctor? Mine write me
a LARGE script for Demerol and told me not to be a macho man and suck
up the pain, that I should TAKE THEM.

They helped a lot, in more ways than one :-)


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