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Re: V6 oil consumption

Thanks for the comment about the low-tension rings on the V-6 allowing
more oil to pass than on an I-5.  I have a '95 Sport 90 (V-6) with 35K
miles on the odometer and a '90 100 (I-5) with 105K miles on the
odometer, which are both running Mobil1 10W30.  After about 3 oil
changes with the synthetic, the V-6 goes through a quart about every
1000 miles.  This disturbed me since the I-5 burns about a half a quart
every 3000 miles.  After all the discussions, pro and con, I am about to
shift the '85 4kcsQ to Mobil 1 (165K miles).  I believe I will run some
internal engine cleaner before I do the initial change, and then change
the synthetic after about 1000 miles.