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Porshche 944 engine in a 4000Q

Fello Audi owners:

I seized the engine in my '85 4000Q this last summer by spinning the rod 
bearing.  Since I had always aspired to do the often talked about, 
"turbo conversion," I have been letting it marinate in the driveway 
while I wait for a totaled 5000t to show up.  Of course, good deals only 
pop up when my car runs!

Anyway, getting to the subject at hand.  I have the oppurtunity to pick 
up a totaled '84 944 for super cheap.  I was wondering if anybody has 
heard of doing such a conversion.  The idea of a non-turbo lagged 150 
horsepower does sound kind of nice.  I understand that the 944 has 
Motronic rather than K-Jetronic fuel injection, but I'm pretty 
confortable doing any harness or other changes associated with that.  
I'm primarily concerned with whether or not it will bolt to the Quattro 
tranny and motor mounts.  Would it interfere with any other systems on 
the car?  I had read that audi and porsche engines were interchangeable 
on the old 924's, but I don't know if that carried over to the 944.

Any comments, feedback, and/or advise would be appreciated.

Dan Dwyer
'85 4000Q (game over, insert new engine)
'83 5000T (if it was a pet, I would have put it to sleep a long time 

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