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Re: quattro vs. Quattro

In message <369ABED0.61E8@earthlink.net> tm2@earthlink.net writes:
> About 9 months ago I responded to a ad about a 92 or 93 100 Audi
> Quattro.  The price was low for a quattro.  Well it turned out it was
> not a quattro but was called a Audi Quattro without the quattro drive.
> It had the Audi Quattro badge and the back of the car.

There's an old Audi Coupe GT driving round Wellingborough with
"quattro turbo" on the back.  It's neither.  Anyone can buy a badge ...

I've also seen an A6 with an A8 badge, and German owners of _very_
large Mercedes frequently had "200D" on the back.

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