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Skoda withdraw from Monte Carlo rally

Scott & Orin - you guys busy next week?

        P364  CEEFAX 1 364 Sun 17 Jan 20:48/45

       MONTE CARLO RALLY                  3/3
       Skoda have decided to withdraw their
       two new Octavia WRC's from the race
       before the competitive stages start
       on Monday morning.

       They took the action as a result of
       engine software problems which could
       not be completely resolved in time.

       "We are here to learn and these
       experiences are to be expected at this
       phase of the car's development
       programme," said Skoda's Pavel Janeba.

       "I feel for all the Skoda fans who did
       not get to see the car in action."

McRae's Ford has failed scrutineering on the water pump - he will
start the rally under appeal.

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