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Re: weird ice problem

> I think you're seeing a combination of two things: one, your windshield washer
> is spraying fluid onto the windshield, and it is then draining down the corner
> of the windshield, into the hinge area.  Second, there is a blue-colored
> vacuum reservoir (shaped like a series of interconnected blue tennis balls);
> put a little ice across  that and you've got blue ice...
> I think if the wiper drained under the hood, it would go through the drain by
> the fusebox, which leads inside the engine compartment, not hinge area (as I
> recall).
> HTH, chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com

Chris, the blue ice had formed an icicle all the way to the ground. I
saw this when I approached the car. The icicle was right at the front of
the driver door. I couldn't even open the door enough to see the vacuum
reservoir. :)