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RE: Parts Fraud?

While I'd agree with Orin that Bob should talk things over with the dealer
first ... if they don't see a problem with what they've done he should got
to AoA ... and other consumer fraud representatives.  Carlsen has sources
for aftermarket parts as well, but unless I ask for them (or Didi tells me
that an a-mkt part is available) when I order parts they come from the
factory bins.  I must say that some of the aftermarket parts are amazing ...
I bought a front corner lamp for the V8 that way and it came in the same box
that the factory part would have ... "Audi original" and all!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> > As an ex-GM service rep and a present day Audi-VW dealer,
> > I'd_strongly_advise you contact you Audi field representative.  You
> should
> > be able to get a hold of his contact info through the Audi head office.
> I would strongly suggest that he doesn't and handles it with the dealer
> first.
> We really don't want to be shooting ourselves in the foot here and
> preventing alternative sources of parts being available.
> If the alternative doesn't fit, then deal with that appropriately
> ie. as a defective product.
> Another thing to consider is whether the original part is even
> obtainable.  Surely we don't want the situation where the dealer
> has to say "Well, it's not available" where the truth is "There
> is an aftermarket source, but we aren't allowed to sell it." 
> We are all so happy when someone posts "Linda has found a source
> for XXX for 30% of the Audi cost".  Let's keep this in mind...
> We have heard cases of genuine parts not fitting properly too...
> You would want to compare with a new genuine part as well.
> Orin.