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Prob: high beam stays on?

Good day and hello,
I turn on my head light tonight and everything was great.  But then my high
beams came on (with my fog lights).  I check the left signal and it was on the
LOW beam position.  So this surprised me a bit.  I started to "jiggle" the
left turn signal around and it went back to low beams again.  A few minutes
later it did it again, but this time the jiggle didn't help.  It stayed on
highs the whole time.  I also noticed that when I turn on the turn signals it
came back on to low beams again.  But when it is back in normal position, ON
with the high beams.  I pulled apart the plastic piece covering the back of
the steering wheel (sorry...I'm a newbie-so talking like a newbie) and all the
wires were secure and in place.  So I am left with this question.  What is
going on?!?!  Has ghost taken over my car?  Has aliens from another planet
abducted my car and left me with their loaner car?  Questions race though my
Any suggestions would be great. And in case my car was abducted by Aliens,
please tell them to get me a S4 instead of a FWD 200 =)

my Audi 200t 10v FWD (or is it?)
Redmond WA