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Re: A few problems

In a message dated 1/19/99 8:27:15 AM Pacific Standard Time,
arthur_k@hornet.lynchburg.edu writes:

<< I recently had some major work done to my 1989 Audi 80 (a new engine and
 a rebuilt auto tramission).  Now the cruise control dosen't work, what
 should i do to fix this?  Also my clock dosen't light up and night but
 keeps correct time.  On the speed and rpm displays are not fully lit,
 the outsides are very bright but the insides are dim.

Most likely your dashboard is dead.  The speedometer controls the cruise
control so if your speedo is not functioning the way it should, that could be
the cause.  Try pulling it out and see if all the wires are connected and in
place.  If everything is in place, take it back to the person who rebuilt your
engine and tranny and bitch them out :)

Audi 200t 10v
Redmond WA