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Boge springs OE on '84 80 quattro?


Dialynx thought the standard height springs they are getting for me were 
manufactured by Rok, that was until they took delivery. Turns out they 
are made by Boge. Now, I have to say, I am having difficulty believing that 
Boge make standard height and rate springs for Audi 80 quattro's. Noone I 
phoned, except Dialynx (and they didn't know they were going to be Boge until 
they took delivery themselves), could find me standard springs apart from 
dealer supplied ones. It may be that Boge make the springs that the dealer then
sells to us but wouldn't some suppliers have known that? I admit that I didn't
try loads of places but I did try a significant number. After saying I don't
believe Boge make standard springs for the 80 quattro, it would make a lot of 
sense as aren't Boge dampers OE on the 80 quattro...

...if Boge do make standard height and rate springs for 80 quattro's what are 
the chances that these are what are fitted as OE? They should be delivered to me
tomorrow so I can have a look at any identifying marks on them and, hopefully,
find out a bit more. If Boge don't make standard height and rate springs....
Dialynx are getting a call.

If Boge make standard height and rate springs for 80 quattro's then they may
well make em for ur-q's as well. What have owners of ur-q's done about replacing
their broken springs? Has anyone found standard height and rate springs for
their ur-q? Before all that, does anyone know who makes the OE springs on the

I'd also be interested in finding out who Dialynx's supplier is, if they can
get hold of standard springs then Audi will not be "best chuffed" (transl. "very
pleased"), we, OTOH, surely would be. I don't know how Dialynx would feel about
disclosing their supplier of these springs though. I had heard that Audi make a 
lot of their component manufacturers agree not to sell bits they make for Audi
to anyone else, this makes outstanding economic sense, gits! If they have made
Boge agree not to sell their springs to anyone else, how the h*ll have I 
(Dialynx) got hold of them?

I thought this was interesting.


'84 80 quattro.