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Re: Need suggestions for Painting Motor (Long)

Thanks, I'll look into that for the brackets but I may Powdercoat them.
For the block though I need something that doesn't have to be baked.  L8R

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On Sat, 16 Jan 1999, Brian and Mea Jowett wrote:

> >	Questions
> >	1) Will any old Hi-Temp Engine Paint last?  I used some for my
> I use VHT, or any other high quality high heat paint I can find. It 
> needs to BAKED! That's right, spray it on and cook it... I have yet to 
> actually perform this on an engine block (won't fit in the oven)... but 
> this works great on smaller parts that will fit... valve covers etc. 
> Cooking time is an hour.... I think around 250 - 275... grease oil, even 
> gas has a dificult time staining this coating.
> 2) DO I need to primer first like I would for a Car body or not?
> No.
> >	3) How many Coats
> 2 or 3 heavey coats, just enough so it does not drip and run.
> >	5) Suggestions for color?  Flat Black/ Gloss/ Semi-Gloss/ Bright
> >Neon Pink and Green with Gold Trim :)
> Baking produces a glossy shine to some degree.
> >	Heck while I'm at it.  Suggestions for Color Scheme.  Car is Red
> Although colors look nice when new... everything gets a scroaty coat of 
> dirt and grime... keeping those nice colors looking great aint easy.
> Brian
> PS... pick up a toaster oven for a few bucks at a tag sale, brackets, 
> brake calipers, and other things fit nicely, and your won't stink up the 
> house with toxic fumes (S/O will still let you in the kitchen)
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