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Anyone use 4kq rear strut assemblies/suspension on a urq?

Our urq is an early model with the rear swaybar.  I noticed that the newer
urqs have the 4kq style rear suspension.  Was this a cost saving issue with
Audi or a performance improvement?

As all the rear bushings on our urq are original, I would like to replace
them this summer.  Since 4kq suspension components are plentiful, I thought
it would be a good time to "upgrade" if it can be done easily.  The Camero
rear sway bar Martin shows on his web site is interesting, too.

It looks to me that if I swap everything over, the only urq parts I need to
retain are the hubs and brake components.  Although, if I keep the 4kq gear
(with 5ktq hubs and redrilled 4kq rotors ala 5-bolt conversion) I may be
able to stuff more tire under those rear wells. ;)

OTOH, since the car handles so well (balance is great), maybe I shouldn't
mess with anything.

Any information/suggestions are appreciated.

P.S. The car has Eibach springs and konis on all 4 corners now.

Best Regards,

John Karasaki
Portland, OR