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Re[2]: modified ECU

       I am interested in the ECU upgrade group purchase.  I guess I
       have no preference yet, except the fact that my local
       shop(Bernhards, Trexlertown, PA) is a TAP dealer.  I would like
       to do the work myself, but it would be nice to have support
       from the shop I deal with.  On the other hand, I want to find
       the biggest bang for the buck, without sacrificing reliability.
       This is my primary car, with 92K and I want to keep it for a
       long, long, time.  Bernhards gave me some figures like stage
       II, chip and wastegate spring, 80HP, $475.00.

       Dean Ferrera
       '95 S6

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Subject: Re: modified ECU
Author:  C1J1Miller@AOL.COM at INTERNET
Date:    1/20/99 2:44 PM

       OK, so it seems a few of the faithful are going to be
       sacrificing to the audi
       god of blessed acceleration very soon...

       I've been trying for a while to get a couple of groups that
       make software to
       "brew your own" motronic chip to make a version for the '91
       200q 20vt and
       S4/S6; so far, no luck; seems like they'd prefer to work on
       higher volume
       production cars _without_ an existing market for chips.

       Ect. Ect.