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Re: New Audi TT-s

My understanding was that the Haldex AWD system used in the TT can't
handle more than 285 HP (not sure of torque spec). This bit of news has
turned my future plans off the TT and back onto the S4 (with its cheap
tuning potential of a 385 hp - chip and fuel injectors).

Can anyone confirm?

- 94 S4 

>Hi all,
>Audi's just revealed its latest project: a 300hp TT coupe with the 2.8
>V6 and a turbo, called TT-s.
>Due later this year, the TT-s will be outwardly recognizeable by a
>minimal spoiler lip on the rear hatch and thicker, S4-like side skirts.
>Final introduction date yet to be set...