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RE: New Audi TT-s

Our friend Tom Nas across the pond said: 
Audi's just revealed its latest project: a 300hp TT coupe with the 2.8
V6 and a turbo, called TT-s.
Due later this year, the TT-s will be outwardly recognizeable by a
minimal spoiler lip on the rear hatch and thicker, S4-like side skirts.
Final introduction date yet to be set...

I was just looking at the TT brochure the other day and thinking how the TTS
has more power (225hp) than the '91 200TQ (217hp), is lighter, but is slower.
The brochure for the 200 says it does 0-60 in 6.2 seconds, and I believe the
TTS will do it in 6.5 seconds.  Considering the weight and power of the TTS,
it should be a good half second faster.  Oh well.

300hp from the V6 turbo (is it a twin turbo a la S4?), man that is one bad ass
coupe, look out Z3M coupe!

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