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RE: Increasing turbo boost/performance on '88 5kcstq

>Phil Payne said:
>My experience has been that people who follow Scott's instructions to
>get the car sorted out _BEFORE_ flying around buying chickenwire and
>purple plug leads very rarely actually make any mods.
>Having discovered what stock performance should be like, they find it's

Yes, most definitely with the MB and MC/1B 10 valve making 200PS and 270Nm
torque from the factory! You lucky dogs!  

Thanks to Jouko, I noticed the European parts fiche for the 1989-91 200
shows the late "MC-2" dual knock sensor 10 valve and "1B" 10 Valve engine
both have a single pass intercooler similar to the 20V setup fitted from
the factory as well. 

Phil confirmed that the 1989 200 with the 10 valve, he is considering, has
the single pass intercooler and makes 200PS. 


Scott Mockry