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Good Morning Folks,

     Sorry to waste the bandwidth for those not attending the January
school this weekend, but I have been watching the Nat'l Weather  Service
Forecast updates and things are getting interesting.   No warnings have
been officially issued yet, but a "Special Weather Statement" has been
issued (often a "pre-warning") and they are looking at the possibility of
significant icing conditions on Friday and Saturday with freezing rain,
snow and rain very likely.  I urge all of you to get whatever updates that
you can and "overpack" for these conditions.  Get an early start and drive
     As a long time veteran of this drive I can give you a few special
warnings.  Coming up on Friday night you will likely encounter heavier
traffic and much of it will be in the form of flatlanders coming up to
going skiing and driving any number of heavily laden SUVs travelling in
excess of "safe" speeds.
     You will want to be particularly cautious of cross winds encountered
which also cool off the roads more quickly.  My experience in a rough 75
mile radius of the area is that conditions can and do change in what seems
like the blink of an eye.  Use particular caution in the the "Parkway" area
of route 93 North just north of Lincoln, NH. Please be careful and pack
some raingear, an extra pair of shoes, and plenty of washer fluid.
     I have been told that conditions at the driving school site are very
good as it stands and that every possible action is being taken to preserve
what we can in the event that temperatures skyrocket.  The Nat'l Weather
Service is predicting cool nights and cool air at the surface which should
     Of course, the irony here is that we are doing this school in order to
help us be better prepared to drive in such conditions.  Please take
whatever precautions you can to make sure that you arrive safely.

I am looking forward to seeing you,

Paul Royal
NEQ WDS 1999 Eventmaster