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Re: Audi web site questionnaire

In message <l03020905b2cc935cb6f5@[]> Tom Nas writes:

> Remember the questionnaire on the Audi web site recently? Questions about
> information management in the future, accessing mail and the WWW from your
> car, buying online etc...

> Anyway, I received the following yesterday.


> 82 % could envisage handling their e-mails from the car if control
> works. This study is however not representative: only 7.0% were
> women.


I already have email in my ur-quattro.  I use a Nokia 2110i cellphone,
an 'Option International' ( http://www.option.com ) adapter, and a
PalmPilot Professional with HandMail email software from Smartcodesoft
( http://www.smartcodesoft.com ).

The way it works - I have a system in the office running OS/2 Warp.
When I am out of the office, this polls for email every hour.  If it
finds new mail, it looks at the originating domain and the userid and
checks that the message is not too large - at present the limit is
10KB.  If the message fits my selection criteria:

a) The message is rewritten to my CompuServe id and an immediate extra
   mail poll is scheduled to send it.

b) An SMS message is sent to my cellphone via the Vodafone dialup
   SMS service on (UK number) 0385 499999.

The phone in the car bleeps when the SMS message arrives.  The system
puts the sending domain, the Subject:, and as much of line 1 as will
fit into the SMS message - I can read this directly from the phone and
decide whether to log on to CompuServe and collect the message using

I can send, too, but I've set the return address to the home server.

It works throughout Europe.  Perhaps I should pop in to Ingolstadt
in early March (I'll be in Germany) and show them how to read email
from a 300,000km ur-quattro?

 Phil Payne
 Phone: 0385 302803   Fax: 01536 723021
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