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Re: Audi web site questionnaire

Maybe I'm just simple minded, but doesn't it seem slightly dangerous to
be reading e-mail in the car?  I mean it's bad enough when people are
chatting on their cell phone, but actually taking your eyes off the road
to *read* seems a little worse.

Phil Payne wrote:
> In message <l03020905b2cc935cb6f5@[]> Tom Nas writes:
> > Remember the questionnaire on the Audi web site recently? Questions about
> > information management in the future, accessing mail and the WWW from your
> > car, buying online etc...
> [...]
> I already have email in my ur-quattro.  I use a Nokia 2110i cellphone,
> an 'Option International' ( http://www.option.com ) adapter, and a
> PalmPilot Professional with HandMail email software from Smartcodesoft
> ( http://www.smartcodesoft.com ).