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Re: 8v to 16v engine swap for Audi 80

Ed Shiers writes:
> 	I've go an audi 80 sport (1985 4000 112 bhp 1.8i 8v) and it will be 
> needing a new engine in the next 6 mths probabaly (218,000 miles). Am 
> wondering about upgrading to a second hand 139 bhp 1.8 16valve vw 
> engine and have been told it will probabaly go straight in with no 
> modifications to gearbox,clutch, manifold,exhaustetc. Does anyone 
> know if this is true? The other option would be to overhaul the 
> existing 8 valve but have been told this will cost loads and power 
> can't be increased by that much. If anyone is able to offer any 
> guidance or has done this kind of thing before would be very 
> grateful to hear from you.
> cheers

The 16V won't "just drop in".  It may fit with some modifications.
The intake manifold has the throttle body opening on the wrong side
in all 16V engines except the one out of Sciroccos.  I don't think
the Audi transmission will just bolt up to the 16V either, I recall
that there is a difference in the splined shaft (?).  Most VW people
who transplant a 16V into an 8V car would transplant the matching
transmission too, but that cannot be done on the Audi as it has
a longitudinal engine arrangement.

The 8V engine has plenty of potential for power increases, especially
if you start with a 2.0 liter core.  The 2.0 8V should "just drop in".

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