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Re: Audi web site questionnaire

I recently read an article that stated that there is a very high number of acccidents in Chile due to people talking
on their cell phones while driving. The odd part is that most of them use fake phones. It's just to show off. :-)

Matt Rooke wrote:

> There was an article in last Sundays San Jose Mercury News (da murky news) about cell phone usage.
> Seems many people, in an effort to be safer, are pulling to the shoulder of freeways to take/ make calls.
> When the CHP comes across this, they get a ticket or a very stern warning.  The article goes on to cite
> statistics about the number of cops that have been mowed down (about 40%* of all CHP fatalities) while
> stopped alongside freeways, and points out that the correct thing to do is pull off at an exit and park on
> a surface street.  Hadn't thought about it much, but it is true that the side of a freeway is a pretty dangerous
> place, given all the other idiots out there.
> Of course any quattro driver (audi content!) is having way too much fun driving to bother with the phone.
> Except of course to use the Emergency Roadside Qlist (ERQ) procedure.  I wonder if those yellow
> emergency call boxes have modem jacks?
> Matt Rooke
> '91cq
> *going from memory- but the number was big enough to elicit a "wow" when I read it.