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Re: FYI /$$$

<<Sorry for the extra bandwidth  Like to thank Bob "publicly">>

The $5 is on its way.

Thank you for getting us the calenders.  I, we I am sure, appreciate that
you have been the point person  for the last couple year; as I have been on
the list for the last couple years and you have offered this again and again.

Thank you very much!

Jordan '90 90
At 01/22/1999, Robert Myers wrote:
>Hi Y'all,
>The calendars went out yesterday afternoon via UPS ground.  Arrival times
>depend upon UPS, I guess.
>The final accounting is done.  Due to what is probably my own stupidity
>there was a shortfall of just under $400 ($389.39).  That works out to ~$5
>each for 80 calendars.
>There have been quite generous offers to send another small check to help
>out.  That would be appreciated but I certainly wouldn't be upset with
>anyone who might think something like this:  "You offered them for $20.
>You got $20.  You goofed.  Tough luck."  I did goof.
>Oh well...
>I hope you enjoy the calendar.  I think it's really neat.
>   Bob
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