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audi 80 engine 2.0E / 1.8 16v

Thanks for the help.

I'll forget about the 16 valve swap and look for a reasonabe standard 
2.0 8v from a newer audi. Will not therefore be fitting a new exhaust 
since the old one is newish (standard twin pipe downpipe which is 
similar to a 8v golf gti.) and I've got a low budget (500)
So am looking for a engine, preferably with history from a post 
87 audi. So if  anyone knows of a place which gets this kind of 
thing in (the places near me in  stoke,uk arn't really much good) 
or anyone hears of anything which may be suitable then please let me 

Thanks all again

ed shiers

email mamn97@dial.pipex.com