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Re: misterious hose on a '88 90 Q

Hi, everyone,
I have a question (I don't know exactly how silly it is): What is the
function of the rubber hose going from the bottom middle of the engine
block (crankcase) on the driver's side up and then towards the firewall,
then turning around the head between the head and the firewall and going
into a metal tube, which diappears under the intake manufold.  At the block
side it is about 40 mm diameter, then it tapers down to about 25 mm half
way through.  When touched, that hose on my car feels almost like cardboard
- brittle as if ready to fall apart, it does not seem to hold any pressure
(like a coolant or such).  Could this be crankcase vent hose?  How often
should it be replaced?  I'd appreaciate any input,

Thanks, Tihol
1988 90 Q, NA engine