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RE: Why Amsoil vs. Mobil

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Im a firm believer in synthetics, used them for quite some time in quite a
cars, and i do not belive in extending drain periods whatsoever, and thats
about the only thing i do not like about Amsoil, is their claim that you do
not need to drain the oil, just the filter and top it off. Some people i
swear by Amsoil, but i'll tell you one thing about Mobil and why i swear by
any synthetic.  August 97, Limerock Park, on the way up in my S4, i had a
loose spark plug break its threads and had a compression leak, at first i
felt it cut out at 4000 rpm so i only thought it was an intercooler hose.
driving back home i started noticing the car smoking, pulled over i had oil
leaking out from the cylinder head. All in all, i made it back to NYC, got
stuck in traffic, car was smoking, eventually ran on just 4 cylinders, but i
got home, the car did not overheat, the cylinder walls didnt score, nothing,
just needed a new cylinder head cause i wasnt comfortable heli-coiling new
threads.  I think synthetic made a difference.