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Re: Timing gear fatigue failure

From: Audiowner@aol.com <Audiowner@aol.com>
>At the tip of the keyway on the gear, I have a nice crack which has
>about half the length of the key.  The cracked portion has started to peel
>back along the crack plane.  I never suspected to run into anything like
>on an Audi engine.
>Part number is 049 109 111B- gear is stamped "England" .
I've got one of them too, and its in _exactly_ the same condition. I found
it when I replaced the head on my Ur-q, though I still haven't worked out
how the PO's 'Tuning' company managed to miss it six months earlier.

Part has been superseded by a number that I can't find any record of - all
that I remember is that the replacement was made in Mexico.

Jim Haseltine.