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Re: Aftermarket wheels (+TireRack Learns!)

The choices for your 5ktq are limited, mostly due to the rear fenders.
Without modifications, a there aren't that many wheels that fit without
rubbing.  Intrestingly enough, the Tire Rack (normally a pretty
knowlageable source) has always got this wrong.  They, along with
seemingly everyone else, has mainted that wheels with a 35mm offset
(ET35) fit, where you really need at least ET40, if not ET45.  Anyway,
I've been butting heads with them alot lately, because I always ask what
the offset is, and they usually respond with "it doesn't matter, we
gaurentee the fit", to which I respond "not on any of the dozens I've
seen".  Well, they recently changed their tune (perhaps enough listers
have set them straight?), and now only list 7" wide wheels, most if not
all with a offset of 40mm or greater.

Current 16" choices include:
ATP 8026 $184 (nice mesh-style)
ATP A5   $129 (no pic, but I think this may be a Audi 5-spoke copy)
Zagato RZ12  $164  (Interesting, I'd like to see this one on a 5k)
And a BB$ wheel.