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Re: 2144 to 2226cc?

In message <36ACF2C4.4BCEF681@hampshire.edu> "Wm. Josiah Erikson" writes:

>     I used to own an '83 5-cylinder Quantum that was 2144cc, and the one
> that I have now (the '87 Syncro) is a 2226cc engine. I assume that Audi
> switched at the corresponding time, whenever that was. No? Or was the
> 2144cc engine VW-only or something. I doubt they'd do that. When did
> they switch? Just curious because one of my Audi people told me that the
> only difference in engines between the car I had before and the one I
> have now was the intake manifold and exhaust. Obviously, he's at least
> slightly wrong.

The 2144 was an Audi engine - the ur-quattro's WR, WX and GV engines
are 2144cc.

IMO the _major_ difference (there are lots) was the adoption of
hydraulic tappets for the 2226cc.

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