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RE: "evo" magazine ur-quattro articles

the ur-quattro finished life as a 20v turbo w/catalysts. this
motronic-controlled motor, called the "rr" (think 3b) put out 220hp and 228
lb ft.  it used the twin cam, 20v head designed for the legendary sport
quattro using the early 4-valve work undertaken at vw for the 1.8.  the same
motor was used in the 1st s2, with the "aan" (later s2, post '93)
incarnation including an overboost facility, no distributor, improved hp to
230hp and better torque (350nm).  the last version of the motor, the "adu"
was fitted to the rs2, included new cams, improved breathing and
intake/exhaust modifications producing 315hp and 400nm.

the "rr" model built on the improvements of the "mb" model (brakes, improved
2.2l 10v, turbo, torsen).  other changes to the "rr" model included the
suspension with cast wishbones, uprated brakes (rear), and better handling.
there was a stronger gearbox and new rear diff ("rdv", mb also?)  these was
an updated interior (new central console), full leather dash etc.  there
were also a host of detail changes (eg. new rear tie rods, new transmission
tunnel, the addition of tunnel bracing, modified wheel housings and gusset
plates etc.).

so, in summary, we have the series 1 (early wr), series 2 (wr/wx, cibies,
sloping grill, improved rear suspension, digital/talking dash), series 3 (mb
with torsen, orange non-verbal dash, 2-pot brakes), and series iv (rr with
20vt w/motronic, uprated gearbox, brakes).

testers agreed with the drivers that the mb upgrade was significant, as was
the rr one.  the series 1 to series 2 upgrade not so much.  nobody has
driven my ur-q that hasn't been smitten...

the last ur-quattro was produced in march 1991 at ignolstadt.  i'm not sure
that it was ever sold, i think that it sits at ignolstadt audi museum.
around 12,000 ur-quattros produced overall.  not too bad for a vehicle
originally built to a very limited budget, with plans for a total build of
400 !

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

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		this is confusing... how can there be a '90 urq?
		i figure a 20v conversion is possible for a "20v
		urq" but i thought there was just one set of turbo
		quattro coupes (the urq, as i understand it) and
		these were in the mid 80's.  perhaps they kept on
		making and selling urq's in europe post-'86?