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Todds Audi Thoughts for the Day

Why is it when you work on a car for the weekend you come up with all
sorts of wierd thoughts about cars.
	Hmm, Well, HEre are some Do's and Dont's I learned today.  I'll
expand on these later.

Do   Dress Warmly when Working in Sub Freezing Temps in the snow
Don't   Use a Pressure Washer in these Temps because you turn into a
	Walking Ice Cube with cold fingers.
Do	Go buy one of those killer Propane Reflector HEaters that attaces
	To the top of your Propane BBQ Tank.  They Rock.

Don't	Get to close to before mentioned heater or stick fingers to close.
	(NO, I DIDN'T Burn myself, but one could very easily)

Do	Drink Lots of Beer while warming yourself in front of heater
	Before you start working again.
Dont	Drink to much beer.

Do	Be nice to Friends
Dont	Let them borrow car in winter because they will meet the works of
	Team Door HAndle and Break your Door Handle.

Do	Wear Goggles when working under Audi while snow is melting off it
Dont	Open mouth while under there, Even if you are thirsty :-)

Do	Replace defective Speedo Cables before they ruin your Speedo.
Why is it   That whenever a company seemingly improves on an item, like a
	speedo Cable they have to cut-back somewhere.  Nicer Spring
	Mechanism on Cable but Junk FireWall Grommets that are wrong size.
Dont	When you realize that speedo is shot, just put in the entire Pod
	an Identical 87' 4kq but with Trip Computer.  The entire wiring is
different I guess because nothing works and things smoke and Flasher makes
funny noises.

Dont	Tell Girlfriend (HEr Car) that while replacing speedo Cable you
	Dropped shaft into Tranny and that now would be a good time to
	Replace Clutch so you can open up tranny to get shaft out.  (you
	get nastly looks and probably more but mine realized I was

Do	When this happens promply turn off car and remove speedo from that
	unit and put in your housing.  
Dont	When you decide to remove OXS sensor wheel to better see why ODO
	Shaft Hole you are trying to put in back in so ODO will work, Dont
	Forget to remove the arm that rides on wheel and turns on OXS
	light.  Now my light is on.  Oops.  TIme to take dash apart again.

Do	Replace Faulty Temp Sensor sensor at BAse of 4kq Radiator if your 
	Radiator Fan is always on.  Now it works correctly.
Dont	Drive without FAn plugged in in Freezing Temps on a long trip
	to save the fan motor Because you WILL forget and get Fast-Food
	that isn't so fast since you have to wait 10 minutes for you FRESH 
	COOKED Jack in the Box BUrger and almost Over Heat the motor

Do	Check your grounds for Relayed Lights so you dont end up driving
	with Just your Low Beams for 40 miles of Windy Winter Deer/Elk
	Infested Snowy Wilderness Roads at 40mph in the snow because you
Dont want to hit said Deer/Elk/Person Stuck on side of road big truck. 

Do	Use a friend while changine trunk Struts as it makes job MUCH
	easier since trunk isn't falling on your head.

Ok, I could probably think of more but a friend just called and his 5ktq
rear Diff is stuck in LOCKED position.  Hmm, I better go have a look.

	Todd Phenneger
	1984 4000s quattro / modified/ awaiting Turbo Transplant.
	1985 4000 quattro / Silver / Fixing it Up.
	1987 4000cs quattro / Saphire Metallic Blue/ Girlfriend's
	1996 A6q / Volcano / Dads Car
   *****1985 5kt / PARTING OUT!