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Shuddering Steering Wheel=Shuddering Wallet

Well,  I finally took my 87.5 CGT into my mechanic to get my 
steering problem looked into.  I was aware that the right wheel 
bearing (that is the passenger side for North American versions, I 
hope) was in need of replacing.  I also knew that the boot on the 
CV joint, not the wheel bearing (thanks, Eric) had a tear in it and 
needed replacing.  Basically everything on the front end needed 
looking at.  The car just passed 101k and all the steering 
components were original except for the Boge struts which the 
original owner replaced at 55k.  Well, guess what?  Most of it has 
to go.  He showed me where the control arm bushings were 
shaking and shimmying.  He basically had just about everything off 
the front.  Replacing everything, parts and labour, will amount to 
around $700.  I'm guessing this is reasonable for work done every 
100k.  While he had the drive shaft off the car (at least I think it 
was the drive shaft) he got one of the CV joints off to inspect and 
see if it could be used again.  On the other side (the side that had 
the ripped boot) he couldn't get the CV joint off.  Apparently, 
whereas VW and Porsche make them so that they can slip off with 
a modest amount of effort, Audi shoehorns them in so getting them 
off is a colossal task.  While opening the circlip, he first tried to 
hammer it out and then took a hydraulic screwdriver to it.  A chunk 
of metal broke off, cutting a nice gash in his forehead.  Now it looks 
like that whole piece will have to be replaced :(  He's checking 
some used places, as new I would imagine the cost would be in 
the $500-700 range.  I guess I can't complain too much.  I've put 
very little into the car in the way of maintenance the past year 
(@$800 for all of '98).  When I compare that to what it would have 
cost me in monthly payments on a new car, I don't feel so bad.


87.5 CGT completely stock, the way nature intended
(under the knife, as we speak)