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Re: Ski Rack and retrofitting a Ski Sack, YES IT CAN BE DONE!

<<Ahem,  Actually it's not that bad.  BTDT on a 89 100.  Cost me $25.-
for the components at the local boneyard.  Which was the bag in it's frame
ready to bolt in.

If your backseat has the flip down armrest your halfway there.>>

	For 5Ks, the rear seat armrest is a must for this "conversion". Otherwise the
car will not have the sheet metal properly punched for the ski sack. We've
looked at quite a few of these cars (and taken several apart as well), and
that's what we've seen so far. I think that maybe it's the cars with fabric
interior that don't have the fold-down aarmrest (or the "punched" sheet
metal), and that leather interior cars do have it.
	And FWIW, I think we have an extra ski sack in the shop if anyone is
interested I can check in the next couple days.....