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Re: Ski Rack and retrofitting a Ski Sack, YES IT CAN BE DONE!

MHLIGGINS@aol.com writes:
> 	For 5Ks, the rear seat armrest is a must for this "conversion". Otherwise the
> car will not have the sheet metal properly punched for the ski sack. We've
> looked at quite a few of these cars (and taken several apart as well), and
> that's what we've seen so far. I think that maybe it's the cars with fabric
> interior that don't have the fold-down aarmrest (or the "punched" sheet
> metal), and that leather interior cars do have it.

My 84 5000S turbo has cloth interior but it also has the rear arm rest
and ski bag.  So the ski bag feature is not related to leather or not.

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