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4000CSQ for sale in MA

On the internet I found an '87 4KCSQ at 145k miles going for 
$1100.  I have a few questions about this model.  

My CGT has the 2.3l 130hp engine.  Did this engine ever find its 
way into the 4KQ?  What problem areas should I look for with this 
car (perhaps the person is on the list, in which case they might 
want to e-mail me personally about it).  The ad says that it's the 
original owner and if it has been driven in the NorthEast the whole 
time, I'm wondering if rust is going to be a problem.  

I had thought of selling my CGT, but now that I've pumped about a 
grand into repairs, there's no chance in hell that's going to happen.  
My wife has a new car (a Hyundai that rattles more at 4000 miles 
than my Audi does at 101000) so this would be a third car.  If the 
price is right, it could be something I could use to tinker with.  I'm 
hoping that this was not a problem year for the 4000's.  I guess 
looking at and test driving the car will be the ultimate determining 
factor, but any advance info would be appreciated.



87.5 CGT completely stock, the way nature intended
(under the knife, as we speak)