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Re: More first owner questions.

In message <Pine.A41.3.96.990127095409.52630A-100000@badlands.NoDak.edu> Nathan VanWechel writes:

> Okay people, I am the one who just got an '83 TQC.  I am wondering just
> what I should do to it to get back into driving order.  It has been in
> storage for 3 years.  I am planning on draining the oil, and changing the
> oil filters, fuel filter, and air filter.  I also want to run some fuel
> injector cleaner through it.  Is this all I should do to get it rolling
> again?  Also, I am wondering about Stebro exhaust.  Is it any good?
> I need a new rear muffler, and am wondering if it is good, and should I
> replace the whole thing?  It is original.

Flush the brake fluid (IMPORTANT) and also perhaps the coolant.  Check
the parking brake releases properly at the discs.  Grease the zerk on
the prop shaft UJ.  Pull off, clean and replace the chassis grounds to
the inlet manifold.  After 1000 miles, check all the CV joint boots.

Why go for an after-market exhaust when the stock ones last 16 years?

 Phil Payne
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